1. Tales of Incest Vol 1

    Sex with my sis, day three (her bed)

    Date: 2010-01-28, 1:58PM PST
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    Been hooking up with my sister the last 3 days since she broke up with her b/f. THe girl is such a freak, finding out a lot about her. She has been with a lot of guys, finding out she has been a bit of a slut. But she promises, to only do me at this time. I spent the night at her place. was late for work. Our younger sister called, and I was talking to her, while my other sister was giving me head. So hot! She is coming to my place tonight, more of the same.We are really into each other and just now finding out how much. Last night we went out for a drink after I got off work, and we were in the bar, just like a couple, holding hands, makeing out. Can not wait to see what the weekend will bring. Be hot to get our younger sister into the mix, but that maybe pushing it too much. Our parents are going to be gone for the weekend, and were thinking about sneaking over and makeing love in their bed one night.

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